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emma wellings pr was set up in January 1999.  Eleven months later we were voted The Most Promising New PR Company In The Last Two Years in the Circle of Wine Writers' Y2K Poll and we've since appeared in the Top 5 PR Agencies every time a poll has been conducted.  In 2007, Emma Wellings was identified as one of the 100 most influential people in PR Week's inaugural 'Powerbook'.

Over the years, we have had experience of working for overseas wineries directly, UK agents, supermarkets, restaurants, wine bars, food delivery operations, gourmet food products, exhibitions and festivals, wine books and cocktail guides, wine related accessories…

The majority of clients choose to work with us on a retainer basis, but we also have extensive project experience and are very flexible.

Our company philosophy is very simple - we work with people we like and products we believe in, as this helps us do the best possible job for our clients.


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