ali mann - uncorked

   Ali film strip 2

  • If you were a grape variety, what would you be?
    Something like Grenache or Shiraz…  Brings a bit of spice to the blend…


  • What are the things you like most about your job?
    Working with the experts!  As PR's we are so lucky because we get to work closely with the winemakers whose passion is evident in their product, and the writers who are passionate about the product.


  • Why is your favourite client your favourite client?
    Because they make us feel included and get as excited about great coverage as we do!


  • Why are you suited to PR?
    I love communicating one person's passion, enthusiasm and knowledge to another person.  It means you see processes from beginning to end: the end obviously being fantastic coverage.


  • What is your favourite wine?
    Pinot Noir.  Such a classy grape - I adore Burgundy, but New Zealand Pinot Noir is utterly delicious and (sometimes) slightly better suited to my pocket…


  • And your favourite food?
    Honestly?  A really wonderful roast chicken Sunday lunch is probably my ultimate favourite….


  • Hobbies?
    Knitting.  Have been knitting since I was a child - don't get to do too much of it now, but it's an amazingly satisfying hobby.  I'm quite good at knitting gloves….


  • What's your nickname in the office?
    Stella … after the beer.  I'll explain why once I get to know you better!


  • Inapproriate crush?  (And we're not talking grapes…)
    Jason Atherton.  (And there is nothing inappropriate about it.)