VV’s Grey Sauvignon Blanc 2017 Has Its Roots In Chile’s Atacama Desert

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VV’s Grey Sauvignon Blanc 2017 Has Its Roots In  Chile’s Atacama Desert

Viña Ventisquero’s Grey Sauvignon Blanc 2017 is made with grapes grown in Chile’s most northerly vineyard and the world’s driest desert - the Atacama

Viña Ventisquero is the only company to produce wines commercially in the Atacama, and their vineyards are just 22 kms from the coast on the southern banks of the Huasco river.  There is a cool, dry desert climate here.  Nights are cold and every morning the land is blanketed by the ‘Camanchaca’, or coastal fog, offering a brief respite to the sun-baked landscapes.  The combination of this climate and the extreme salinity of the soil and irrigation water, gives one of the most hostile places for growing vines and the wines produced here have a very distinct flavour profile.

Grey Sauvignon Blanc 2017                                                                       12.5% ABV

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“I like my Sauvignon Blancs to have minerality and texture and I discovered that I can get this from our grapes in the Atacama due to the high limestone content in the terroir here.  It gives an amazing minerality, and the calcium carbonate increases the structure of the wine which we then age on its lees for around 11 months in a mix of one use and new 2,500 litre French oak foudres”, explains Head Winemaker Felipe Tosso.

The soils in Viña Ventisquero’s Loncomilla vineyard, where this fruit comes from, are an alluvial calcareous matrix of clay, sand and calcium carbonate.   Located on the first terrace of the river Huasco, there is a significant maritime influence and temperatures are cool to moderate, thanks to the coastal breezes and morning fog which have a regulating effect and ensure an optimum level of humidity in the atmosphere. 

The 2017 vintage was characterised by low yields with very concentrated grapes and there was no rain during the ripening period, as it hasn’t rained in this location for 50 years.  The grapes were hand-harvested in clusters early in the morning on 18th February and then carefully hand-sorted.  The must underwent a cold maceration for 6-8 hours and was protected from contact with the air throughout this process.  A slow fermentation followed at a low temperature of 12-15°C to allow yeast activity to draw out the maximum varietal aromas and expression of northern Chile desert.  The wine was then aged on its lees for 11 months, with regular battonage to maximise contact with the sediment to encourage texture.

The Grey Sauvignon Blanc 2017 has citrus aromas, with notes of green pepper.  It is fresh and structured on the palate, with a mineral and saline character that are the trademarks of Viña Ventisquero’s Atacama wines.  Ideal with oysters, and seafood in general, this also pairs well with white meats and ceviche.


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Date of issue:                   13 August 2018

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