Viña Ventisquero’s New Kalfu Sauvignon Blanc Is Sumpai The Best

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Viña Ventisquero's New Kalfu Sauvignon Blanc Is Sumpai The Best

Kalfu is a new range of cool, coastal wines from innovative Chilean winery Viña Ventisquero.

The concept behind the 9 strong, 3 tier range is simple - Kalfu means blue in the Mapuche language - and the fruit for these wines is sourced from VV's owned vineyards situated along 1,000kms of cool Chilean coastline.

Kalfu Sumpai Sauvignon Blanc 2013 13% ABV

£ 16.99  The Wine Reserve www.thewinereserve.co.uk

In Mapuche, a 'Sumpai' is the equivalent of a mermaid and is the guardian of the oceans, lakes and rivers.  Appropriate, as the two areas that the 100% Sauvignon Blanc grapes come from are 16 kms and 22 kms away from the Pacific Ocean, as well as being in Chile's most northerly vineyard in the world's driest desert - the Atacama.

Half the wine's grapes are planted on alluvial soils with a chalky mix of clay, sand and calcium carbonate on the second terrace of the Huasco River in the Longomilla sector.  The other 50% come from the vineyard in the Nicolasa sector, where the temperatures are lower and the soil contains alluvial stones and a higher level of calcium carbonate.  Winemaker Alejandro Galaz explains:  "The limestone soils in both areas give structure to the palate and a linear finish.  In the case of Nicolasa, the lower temperatures here give a freshness to the grapes and the higher level of salt in the soil and irrigation water gives a saline finish, which adds to the wine's complexity."

The 2013 vintage was marked by low temperatures in most of Chile's winegrowing areas.   In the Huasco Valley, temperatures were characteristically fresh, with constant maritime breezes.  The presence of the 'Camanchaca' (Atacama´s desert fog) for a certain period of time each morning and afternoon gave the perfect level of humidity in the vineyard.  There was no rain during the ripening period, so the grapes were in a very healthy condition when harvested.

Clusters were hand-harvested early on the morning of 8th March, and underwent a cold maceration for 6-8 hours.  A slow fermentation took place at low temperatures (12°-15°C) to enable maximum varietal aroma extract and a true expression of the northern Chilean desert.  Following fermentation, the wine was aged on its lees for 5 months with regular stirring to maximise the contact and exchange with the fine sediment, for increased balance on the palate.

Galaz's ambition in making this wine is to give a real expression of the Atacama desert - a uniquely challenging and extreme area for grape growing.  Complex, elegant and powerful, the Kalfu Sumpai Sauvignon Blanc has layers of mineral aromas from the chalk / limestone soil, through to soft notes of green chilli pepper.  On the palate, it's fresh and full-bodied with a crisp acidity, hints of citrus and balsamic herbs, and an intriguing and attractive salinity on the finish.

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