Time to Take Note of Kayra’s Novel Narince

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Time to Take Note of Kayra’s Novel Narince

Having started working with Kayra Wines a decade ago, Head Winemaker Daniel O’Donnell is passionate about the native varieties grown in Turkey.  With over 20 years of winemaking experience under his belt, in areas ranging from his native California, to Argentina, Chile, Italy and China, he sees his work in Turkey akin to a “winemaking pilgrimage”.  Since his arrival, Daniel has been encouraging this modern winery in their ambitions to reintroduce indigenous varieties into Anatolia, which Kayra believes is the birthplace of wine.

The team of dynamic winemakers, headed up by Daniel, is committed to creating a genuine expression of these rare wines.  The winery continues to invest in research to ensure that the true potential of these varieties is reached, not only for Kayra, but for the region as a whole.

When asked about his favourite of the native varieties, Daniel said he “love[s] the delicacy of Narince with its subtle aromatics.”

Kayra Narince 2015                                                                                          11.6% ABV

RRP £12.70, Strictly Wine;  £12.95 Eton Vintners;  £13.38 Great Wine Direct;  £13.95 Novel Wines

The Narince is grown in the Tokat area, in gravel- and stone-based soils.  The mild and moderate climate, thanks to Tokat’s position between central Anatolia and the Black Sea, along with cool evenings, allows for a true expression of minerality, whilst maintaining good acidity.

Both fermentation and maturation then take place in stainless steel vats to protect the fresh and subtle primary fruit aromatics of the grape.

The 2015 vintage was cool for the region, adding to the fresh acidity and preservation of delicate aromas.  This fresh and fruit-driven wine is citric and floral on the nose, leading to a palate of spiced pear, chamomile, and grapefruit, balanced by a rich, creamy texture.  It is lifted by a fresh acidity which also adds to its structure.  Narince is a great match for stuffed leaves, gently spicy dishes, fresh seafood and Asian cuisine.  Alternatively, Daniel thinks “a chilled glass on a warm summer evening watching the sunset is just the ticket.”


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Date of issue:  3 April 2017

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