Three Classics & Three New Additions: The Vintner’s A/W 2016 List Of 100 Wines Drinking Now

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Three Classics & Three New Additions:

The Vintner’s A/W 2016 List Of 100 Wines Drinking Now

Set up by Tom Gilbey six years ago, The Vintner’s mission is to list a concise collection of 100 wines that are at their peak of drinking perfection now.

In order to ensure this holds true throughout the year, Tom and Wine Buyer Gavin Smith update this list every six months, and The Vintner’s Autumn / Winter 2016 list of 100 wines that are drinking now has just been finalised. 

Tom and Gavin have selected six wines for you to try: three are ‘Vintner Classics’ and always hold a place in the collection, and three are new additions this season.


A Vintner’s Half Dozen For Autumn / Winter 2016


Archangel Estate Pinot Gris 2014, Central Otago, New Zealand

RRP £17.50, thevintner.com

“Pinot Gris as a grape variety can be fairly challenging to the consumer, but this one remains a Vintner Classic because Archangel has managed to make it a real crowd pleaser.  For us, this vintage has a bit of everything in all the right places which gives an overall harmony to the wine - and really shows how good Pinot Gris can be in New Zealand.”  Gavin

Borgo Paglianetto ‘Petrara’ Verdicchio di Matelica 2015, Marche, Italy

RRP £12.25, thevintner.com

“Borgo Paglianetto are obsessed with the varying terroir of their sites in the lesser known Matelica region of Marche and actually make five different cuvées from the same varietal, but cultivated on different terroirs.  The Petrara is in the middle of their range and we’ve always loved its weight, density and vibrancy - and the fact that it’s incredible value for such an exciting wine means it’ll have a place on our list for the foreseeable future.”  Tom

Château de Durette Morgon ‘Hommage’ 2014, Beaujolais, France

RRP £14.95, thevintner.com

“Over the years we’ve been listing this wine, we’re finally seeing the Cru wines of Beaujolais being taken more seriously - and that’s largely down to the new generation of winemakers, like Marc at Château de Durette.  His ‘Hommage’ immediately jumped out at us when we first tasted it a few years ago and with every subsequent vintage it has great ripeness and an almost viscous quality, while still retaining the refreshing lightness synonymous with the region.”  Gavin 



Amirault Vignerons ‘Les Quarterons’ Anjou Blanc 2014, Loire, France

RRP £14.95, thevintner.com

“Xavier’s St. Nicolas de Bourgeil has been a Vintner Classic for years, and when we tasted this Chenin Blanc earlier this year we absolutely fell in love with it.  It may not have an appellation behind it, but its sheer quality and consistency means that everyone we’ve shown it to seems to agree with us…”  Tom

Château de Girard Minervois 2012, Languedoc, France

RRP £13.95, thevintner.com

“Listing this wine is a culmination of my various tastings of Languedoc wines earlier this year.  Every time I visit, I’m amazed at just how much bang for your buck you get in this region - which means it’s very easy to only look for ‘house’ wine slots.  But pay just a bit more and you get wines like this with great typicity and concentration.”  Gavin

Domaine Rijckaert Arbois Grand Elevage Savagnin 2014, Jura, France

RRP £24.95, thevintner.com

“Jura is a really challenging region for the consumer, particularly when made in the traditional oxidative style.  Here though, we have a really modern approach which retains the characteristic vibrant acidity of the Jura, but in a less ‘orange’ way.  Super rich, dense and vibrant it’s a wine that’s still very much in its youth but is absolutely drinking brilliantly now.”  Tom

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Date of issue:  17 October 2016

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