'Smart' Decanter Cuts Wine Aeration Time From Hours to Minutes

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‘Smart’ Decanter Cuts Wine Aeration Time From Hours To Minutes

A ‘smart’ decanter has just launched on the UK market which, using patented oxygenation technology, can reduce decanting time for a wine from hours to minutes.

The iSommelier is already available in France, the US and Australia and works by aerating wine with a constant flow of purified, medical grade oxygen via a specially designed glass decanter - reducing decanting times from hours to just a few minutes.

Launched by iFAVINE, which has its headquarters in Bordeaux, the iSommelier uses technology developed in France, Australia, China and the US and runs from an App holding pre- and self-programmed aeration settings. The free-to-download App also gives access to the iFAVINE network: an international platform for wine professionals and lovers which gathers detailed information about wines and wineries with input directly from the winemakers - including recommended decanting times.

“Oxygenation is key at two points in a wine’s life: during winemaking and at the point of drinking,” says UK Sales & Marketing Manager Andrew Chapman. “Ambient air has just 21% O2; the iSommelier gives air containing highly concentrated oxygen by filtering pollutants and moisture, and removing most of the Nitrogen. Importantly, the unit also evenly diffuses the oxygen throughout the entire volume of the wine, rather than just the surface area. If a winemaker takes so much care during vinification, why wouldn’t you during consumption?”

Eric Zwiebel MS from Summer Lodge Hotel, comments, “Since receiving the iSommelier I have used it every single day in the restaurant. Often a customer will ask for a wine that you know needs at least an hour of breathing time - but that isn’t always possible. It is now, and means we can ensure our diners really are drinking wines that are at their peak.”

The iSommelier is now being made available to Merchants and Sommeliers in the UK - for further information, please contact Andrew Chapman: + 44 7715 177284 / andrew.chapman@ifavine.com

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