Provence Rosé - More Than Just A Fairweather Friend

Recent years have seen an increase in the popularity of Rosé, but did you know that consumption of these wines is no longer restricted to the summer months? Wine shoppers are less influenced by the season than they used to be and Rosé is now seen as a year-round drink.

Brian Howard, Director at wine industry research consultancy Wine Intelligence says, "Using our Vinitrac® data, we can highlight how Rosé is evolving towards an all year-round part of the consumers' wine repertoire.  In 2007, there was an eight point rise in the number of consumers recalling drinking Rosé in the summer months.  By 2009, this had effectively levelled out between winter and summer months.  We fully expect similar tracking for 2010 with no statistically significant difference in recall of Rose consumption between winter and summer months."

Rosés from Provence lend themselves perfectly to drinking in the Autumn and Winter months as they have an edge of spice that makes them a welcome aperitif on crisp days.  They are also consummate food wines and work well with a number of wintery dishes.

Here is a pair of Provence pinks to lend a rosé glow to your darkening winter months.

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