Penfolds Re-corker Of A Clinic Celebrates 25th Anniversary With International Tour

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Penfolds Re-corker Of A Clinic Celebrates 25th Anniversary With International Tour

London – Haberdasher’s Hall, Friday 30th September:  bookings essential

Penfolds is the only winery in the world to offer its collectors what is effectively the ultimate wine ‘health-check’ and after sales service.  The pop-up ‘Penfolds Re-corking Clinic’ will be in situ and open for appointments at Haberdashers’ Hall on Friday 30th September as part of an international Anniversary tour, which will also see Chief Winemaker Peter Gago and his team in the US, Canada and Australia.

Over 130,000 bottles of Penfolds red wine have been assessed by the winemaking team at these Re-corking Clinics since their inception and creation in 1991.  Collectors are awarded the opportunity to have their 15+ year old bottles visually inspected, then opened (if necessary), assessed, topped-up, certified and recapsuled - thereby arresting any further deterioration due to leakage and low levels and adding to the investment potential.  It also allows a rare opportunity to engage with the wine’s creator, learn more about your wine and discuss optimum drinking windows and cellaring recommendations.  An expert from leading international auction house Christie’s will also be on hand for optional fine wine collection investment consultations.

Peter Gago comments, “After 25 years, the Re-corking Clinics continue to amaze and evolve, transcending all our expectations.  The notion that every bottle has a story continues to reign true.  As winemakers, it is so meaningful and rewarding to meet collectors and share their personal story of their wine’s unique journey.  Professionally it is gratifying to witness the ongoing quality of rare treasures that span so many decades, each one adding to the unfinished story that is Penfolds.”

Bookings essential.  For further information and to register please visit www.penfolds.com/recorkingcliniclondon.

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About Penfolds:

Since 1844, Penfolds has played a pivotal role in the evolution of winemaking with a history and heritage that profoundly reflects Australia’s journey from colonial settlement to the modern era. Penfolds collection of benchmark wines were established in a spirit of innovation and the constant and endless pursuit of quality, evidenced from the secret bottling of Grange in 1951 and the unbroken line of vintages of what is now Australia’s most iconic wine. Today, the collection continues to display the distinctive and consistently recognisable Penfolds ‘House Style’; the ultimate expression of Penfolds time-honoured tradition of sourcing the best fruit from the best regions. Historic blends, significant milestones and heritage vineyards have been honoured by a lineage of custodians whose courage and imagination, precision and humility have ensured Penfolds remains true to its original values while remaining relevant for current and future generations. The stories and philosophies behind each label bring a timeless quality, making Penfolds wines special and compelling for collectors and drinkers the world over.


Date of issue:                        6 July 2016

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