LGI Extends Three Retail Ranges

Languedoc-based LGI-Alain Grignon Wines has extended three of its key UK retail ranges - Cuvée de Richard, Montgravet and Les Crouzes - with the new wines joining current offerings in Majestic, Waitrose and Co-op over the next three months.

Cuvée de Richard - LGI's original brand - red and white will get a rosé addition in Majestic at RRP £4.79, while Waitrose's Montgravet Chardonnay will have a red partner on-shelf at RRP £4.99 and Les Crouzes red and rosé in Co-op will be joined by a white single varietal at RRP £5.19.

"We have been working very closely with both our customers and our suppliers to make sure the new wines fit perfectly with the products that are already selling successfully," comments LGI's UK Manager Peter Crameri.  "Cuvée de Richard has always offered fantastic quality at its price point, and the new Rosé is an ideal summertime pink; the Montgravet red addition is an elegant and fruity Cabernet Merlot blend - the perfect partner for the unoaked Chardonnay; Les Crouzes showcases the 'forgotten' varietals of the region, so the new white is a delicate, floral Colombard to match the current Carignan red and Cinsault Rosé."

For further information, please contact Ali at ewpr