Kalfu Molu Pinot Noir 2018: Taste 600 Miles of Cool, Chilean Coastline

Kalfu is a range of cool climate wines from leading Chilean winery, Viña Ventisquero.  The concept behind the 9 strong, 3 tier range is simple - Kalfu means blue in the Mapuche language, and the fruit for these wines is sourced from Viña Ventisquero’s owned vineyards situated along 600 miles of cool, Chilean coastline. 


Kalfu Molu Pinot Noir 2018                                                                       13% ABV
Frontier Wines £10.25; Fintry Wines £9.79; Wriggly Tin Wine Co £11.95; Richard Granger Wines £10.92

Molu means west or “where the sun sets”.  History tells us that the indigenous Mapuche people in Chile saw the stars in the sky over the Pacific Ocean and, as the earth was rotating, they would hide in the sea and become starfish.  At that time no one knew that the earth was round and turning; back then they believed the stars were falling into the deep darkness of the ocean.

The Kalfu Molu Pinot Noir 2018 is a pure, aromatic expression of fruit sourced from VV’s Tapihue vineyard in the Casablanca Valley, one of Chile’s premium regions for cool climate varieties, featuring sandy, red clay and granite soils up to depths of 2 metres.  Winemaker Alejandro Galaz notes: “The sand and clay in the soil provides softness and roundness to the wine and the granite gives a linear and vibrant tension in the palate.  The lovely Pacific breezes provide the perfect conditions for slow ripening.  The result is high-quality fruit with pure varietal characteristics.”

Temperatures were moderate to cool in 2018 in the Casablanca Valley.  This resulted in well-balanced, aromatic fruit with optimal aromas and tannin maturity.  “In a cool climate area like Casablanca, these conditions give extra volume to the palate, keeping the freshness of the fruit and character on the nose,” explains Alejandro. Between 27th March and 14th April, the clusters were harvested during the night to avoid oxidation and retain the quality of the fruit.

Prior to fermentation, a cold maceration was carried out for 6 to 7 days to promote contact between juice and skin.  The fermentation was then carried out in open tanks at a controlled temperature of between 22°C and 26°C, allowing for extraction of fruit and mineral aroma characteristics.

After fermentation, about 15% of the wine was aged in French oak for 8 months.  The rest was kept in stainless steel tanks to retain primary fruit characters.

This wine is a classic expression of a cool climate Pinot Noir, with notes of cherry and raspberry complemented by soft vanilla and cinnamon from the oak ageing, and a long, clean finish.  Enjoy with dishes like roast chicken with thyme, duck and noodle salad, or pasta with brie, bacon and basil.