Hallgarten Extends Greek Portfolio With New Cretan Wines

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Hallgarten Extends Greek Portfolio With New Cretan Wines

Specialist importer Hallgarten, famous for its extensive award-winning Greek portfolio, is adding a trio of white wines from the island of Crete to its offering.

The family-owned Idaia Winery was established by winemakers Vasilis Laderos and Calliope Volitaki in 2001 and is still owned and managed by the couple today. The three hectares of vineyards are situated in the Dafnes PDO, near Heraklion in the north of the island, and sit 400 metres above sea level on limestone soil: the area is littered with ancient and Roman wine presses, indicative of the strong presence of wine production in this area since Minoan era until today.

“I’m delighted to add these wines to our portfolio as they are truly expressive of the terroir of Crete,” says Hallgarten’s Head of Buying Steve Daniel, who first brought Greek wines to the UK in the 1980s during his time at Oddbins.

“The island is a true treasure trove: grapes you do not find anywhere else, altitude and limestone and, importantly, a new generation of winemakers like Vasilis and Calliope who are using knowledge, experience and passion gained travelling and working abroad to craft wines of superb quality and value.  Idaia specialises in wines from the island’s indigenous grape varieties including Thrapshathiri, Vilana and Vidiano as Vasilis and Calliope firmly believe in the potential of the indigenous varieties and the winemaking traditions of Crete.”

The wines, described by Steve Danial as “mineral, saline and intense”, are a great complement to Hallgarten’s extensive Greek range and will help fulfil the increasing demand for Greek wines in restaurants, wine bars and independent wine merchants across the UK.

The three wines joining the portfolio are:

Idaia Gi Vilana 2015 (RRP £12.49)

Steve Daniel - “Expressive of the characteristics of the Vilana grape with bold notes of lemon, orange, pear and jasmine.  A complex wine which is immaculately balanced and has a persistent, aromatic finish.”

Ocean Thrapshathiri 2015 (RRP £12.99)

Steve Daniel - “A bright, uplifting wine with delicate fruit aromas which follow through to a well-balanced palate with a pleasantly crisp finish.”

Vidiano 2015 (RRP £13.49)

Steve Daniel - “Delicate aromatic characters of ripe pear, melon and a hint of banana lead to a refreshing acidity which balanced the rich and charming palate.  With an impressively aromatic aftertaste, this is the quintessential introduction to the Vidiano grape.”

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Date of issue:                    17 June 2016

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