Cavit’s New *PICA The Pinot Grigios

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Cavit’s New *PICA The Pinot Grigios

The Revolutionary Rulendis 2017 Going Back To Its Roots With Pinot Grigio Rosato


Quality conscious, Trentino-based co-operative Cavit has added two new Pinot Grigios to its range. 

Rulendis is a premium wine produced from grapes grown at altitude.  “This is the winemaker’s interpretation of the varietal,” explains Fabrizio Marinconz, Cavit’s Winemaker.  “It really is a product of the mountains.”

Cavit’s new Terrazze Della Luna Pinot Grigio Rosato 2018 is then set to appeal to lovers of  good Pinot Grigio as well as fans of quality Rosé.  A native of the Burgundy region, the Pinot Grigio vine has been cultivated in Trentino for over a century, and historically the wines had a light copper tint coming from the colour of the grape skins.  Cavit decided to go back to its roots with this new wine and produce a pale and elegant pink wine from its Pinot Grigio grapes.


Rulendis 2017                                                                                               13% ABV

DOC Trentino Superiore

RRP £90.99 (Case Of 6), Kwoff (kwoff.co.uk); RRP £17.99, Grape & Grind (grapeandgrind.co.uk)

RRP £19.90, Harvey Leonard’s Wine & Ale (harveyleonards.com); RRP £20.00, Hanging Ditch (hangingditch.com) - currently on the 2016 vintage

“Without PICA, there could be no Rulendis”, says Cavit’s agronomist and oenologist Andrea Faustini, one of the driving forces behind the project.  *PICA (Piattaforma Integrata Cartografica Agriviticola) is a proprietary software developed and owned by Cavit, in conjunction with the S. Michele Institute, which has been nine years in the making.  Its objective is to improve quality through scientific based selection and preserving the environment.  To date, more than 60% of Trentino territory has been charted and mapped to identify and monitor every single vineyard with its soil classifications, in order to guide future varietal plantings and better manage existing ones. 

PICA was used to select the best high altitude vineyards in non-classic areas, considered extreme for this variety, with the intention of further enhancing varietal characteristics.  The grapes for Rulendis were chosen from small vineyard sites at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites in Bleggio Superiore, north of Lake Garda.  Situated 550-600m above sea level on steep slopes with deep glacial soils, the vines (between 15 to 30 years old) are south / south-east facing to maximise exposure to sunlight- essential in these mountainous areas.  The climate is typically Alpine, with cold, dry winters and cool ventilated summers, and typically experience significant difference between day and night temperatures during the growing season; ripening of Pinot Grigio grapes here is usually around three weeks later than anywhere else. 

The grapes were hand harvested at different times in each vineyard, according to ripeness, with careful bunch selection carried out in the vineyards, and yields per hectare were extremely low at around 45 hl/ha.  The must was gently pressed in whole bunches to avoid extraction of any colour pigments from the skins.  Fermentation with the addition of selected yeasts then took place at 20°C.  Post fermentation, the wine spent ten months in stainless steel before being cold bottled and left to develop for a further five months prior to release.

“This is a wine with great personality”, says winemaker Fabrizio Marinconz.  “You can find intensely fruity aromas on the nose - I get green apple and pear, alongside citrus and mineral notes.  It then has great structure and complexity, with a surprisingly high acidity for this variety and attractive minerality.”  Good with fish dishes, and an excellent partner to the Veneto dish ‘Baccala alla Vicentina’


Terrazze Della Luna Pinot Grigio Rosato 2018                                        12.5% ABV

IGT Vigneti Delle Dolomiti

RRP £8.99, Kwoff (kwoff.co.uk); RRP £8.99, North and South Wines (northandsouthwines.co.uk), RRP £8.99, New Forest Wines

Cavit’s winemaker Fabrizio Marinconz has wide access to Pinot Grigio grapes throughout Trentino.   He specifically selected fruit grown in the Lagarina Valley, in the central-south area of Trentino, for the winery’s new Terrazze della Luna Rosato as the Continental climate and calcium-based soils here produce particularly crisp wines with wonderful aromas and balance on the palate.   The 2018 harvest conditions saw dry weather from the middle of August to the end of September, which translated into a perfect maturation of the grapes, and the hot temperatures gave good fruit character to the wine.

Grapes were hand-picked and hand-sorted in the vineyard, before being transported to the cellar.  The must, including the skins, was immediately cooled to around 8°C and a cold maceration took place for around 4-5 hours in closed tanks to encourage a careful extraction of both the aromas and a pale copper colour from the grape skins.

Post maceration, the must was gently pressed and then fermented in stainless steel at around 18°C where the juice remained for a short period to enhance the finished wine’s clean and fruity character.

Winemaker Fabrizio Marinconz describes this as a fresh and crisp Pinot Grigio, with red fruit and cherry notes.  He and his family enjoy it as an aperitif with shavings of the local Grana Trentino, as it complements the cheese’s tangy notes and salt crystals perfectly.  He also happily matches it with any shellfish dishes.

Formed in 1950 to train Trentino’s winegrowers and create a winemaking culture throughout the region, Cavit is a quality-driven co-operative that takes a craftsman’s approach to its winemaking:  it is effectively one big company, but is comprised of many small wineries enabling it to combine the advantages of a largescale operation with the values and traditions typical of small-scale family producers.  It has access to 5,500ha of vines throughout the region via its ten member wineries and 4,500 member growers. 


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Date of issue:                   21 May 2019

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