A Brace Of BBQ Blockbusters!

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A Brace Of BBQ Blockbusters!

As the UK is still in the middle of a heatwave (we can’t believe it either!), we have picked out a couple of wines that are perfect for late summer drinking and that we think will really boost your BBQ game over the next few months! 


Pale And Interesting - Kayra’s KK Rosé 2017

Kayra’s Beyaz Kalecik Karasi Rosé 2017 is quite a mouthful - in more ways than one, as it is the perfect wine for summer sipping. 

Widely recognised as one of Turkey’s leading producers, Kayra are on a mission to reintroduce the indigenous Anatolian varietals to the global wine world, and have put considerable investment into their research as they believe these varietals have the potential to produce great wines.

Also committed to the cause is native Californian Daniel O’Donnell, who has been with Kayra for over a decade and brings over 20 years’ winemaking experience in countries such as Chile, Argentina, Italy and China with him as well as a distinctive character all of his own!  “A national treasure and something I truly believe in,” is how he describes Anatolia’s historical varietals and although his team takes a modern approach to winemaking, it’s done in pursuit of the true taste of each region with regards to structure, aromas, textures and flavours as they want to coax out the true character of these grapes.

Kayra Beyaz Kalecik Karasi Rosé 2017                                               11.5% ABV

RRP £12.42, Great Wine Direct;  RRP £12.49, Strictly Wine;  RRP £13.45, Novel Wines;  RRP £13.50, Harperwells Ltd;  RRP £14.20, Wine Poole Limited;  RRP £14.56, GP Brands;  RRP £15.00, DVine Cellars

“This wine was an experiment at its birth, and over the course of three years we’ve probably made around 50 different rosés trying to figure it out.”                              Daniel O’Donnell

‘Kalecik Karasi’ means black grape from the Kalecik village, which is just outside Ankara.  It’s an extremely versatile, capable of multiple expressions depending on the soil it’s grown in and the skills of the winemaker.

The 100% Kalecik Karasi grapes for this wine come from the Denizli vineyard in the Aegean region.  Soils are shallow and rocky, the elevation of the vineyards is high and the climate temperate, with warm days and colder nights. 

Daniel reports that the 2017 vintage benefited from a few summer rains which helped keep the vineyard soils cool during veraison and ripening, slowed down sugar accumulation and helped preserve a sharp acidity.  Harvest begins when Daniel finds a specific phenological character: “Celery leaf and white strawberry is what I’m after.  When the grapes have these flavour markers, then we know it’s time to pick as the wines will have the ruby red grapefruit, mandarin orange and lime character that we want,” he explains.

Grapes need to be in pristine condition for making this rosé, so triage takes place first in the vineyard and then again in the winery where the grapes are de-stemmed.  This pale pink Kalecik Karasi wine is the free-run juice of the first pressing which was cold settled for 24-48 hours.  A cold fermentation at around 10-11°C followed for around one month until the desired aroma evolution was reached, and the wine then benefited from 3-4 months’ fine lees contact in stainless steel.

“What I really relish about the 2017 is the distinct fennel fronds, lemongrass, Meyer Lemon and pink grapefruit aromas alongside a bracing natural acidity.  And there is also a slight increase this year of ripe fruit and berry notes,” he says.  On the palate, there is a lively acidity with notes of strawberry, raspberry and ginger.

Great as an aperitif, it can also be enjoyed with salads, sushi and shellfish.  And Daniel has some recommendations of his own.  “I’d like to pair this wine with … another glass of this wine!  Or I’d like to drink it perched on a little plastic stool on the sidewalk of any Southeast Asian country, with tiny sticks of grilled spiciness, the fragrance of night blooming jasmine and the sound of motorbikes and windchimes.  Oh, and maybe a little Jimmy Hendrix in the background.  Try it.  You’ll like it.”


Root 1 Carménère 2016:  Rooted In Tradition

The Root 1 range of wines from leading Chilean producer Viña Ventisquero are grown on original ungrafted roots - hence the name - which Viña Ventisquero believes gives them real purity of fruit character.

The singularities of Chile’s geography and climate mean that it remains one of the few grape growing regions unaffected by Phylloxera.  The five Root 1 wines in the portfolio are made from grapes grown on ungrafted rootstock, which Viña Ventisquero claims allows for a better flow of nutrients from the soil to the leaves, which in turn makes wines with strong varietal characteristics that are expressive of the terroir.

Root 1 Carménère 2016                                                                        13.5% ABV

RRP £8.00, Morrisons

The 85% Carménère and 15% Syrah grapes for this wine come from Viña Ventisquero’s owned El Suspiro vineyard in Peralillo, Colchagua - a region recognised for the quality of its red wine.  Located between the Andes Mountains and the low coastal mountains of the Pacific Ocean, the rocky slopes of sandy, loamy clay soil in these 19-year-old vineyards help maintain moisture during the intense summer heat.  The wines made from the fruit grown here are rich in colour and full in body, yet also balanced thanks to the cooling coastal breezes which help preserve acidity and freshness. 

According to Viña Ventisquero’s Head Winemaker Felipe Tosso, it had been a cool, fresh year in the lead up to the 2016 vintage and the final yield was about 20% less than normal.  “The result was fruit with good acidity and lots of wild berry aromas, as well as low alcohol levels,” he says.  “The lower yield gave grapes with concentration, tannin and structure, resulting in a wine with all Carménère character that we look for.”

On the nose, Root 1 Carménère has ripe aromas of fresh blackberries and warm spice.  A full-bodied, fruit forward wine, with plum and cherry on the palate, together with a hint of smoke and vanilla notes.  Perfect for BBQ’d meats, and - Felipe tells us - vegetarian lasagne.


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Date of issue:                   24 July 2018

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