Privacy Policy

We are a PR agency and our business is all about communication: as such we handle personal information, but we take your privacy seriously.

 In line with the new GDPR rules, we want to assure you that: 

  • We understand that we have your details so that we can contact you with relevant news about clients - be it an emailed Press Release, a posted sample, or an invitation to an event.  You have either given us this information on this understanding, or we have researched it so that we can contact you directly.
  • We will only contact you with details of activities / products that we believe are of interest to you.
  • We only store the details we need on our password-protected database: home address, email address, company name, contact phone number, and any ‘if out’ details for samples and deliveries that we have been given.
  • We may occasionally pass your details on to a client - for example if they need to send you a sample directly.  We will use our complete discretion and view this as an extension of our own contact with you.  Our clients also have privacy policies in place to protect your data.
  • We will not pass your personal details on to a third party - it is very likely that you have trusted us with your home address, and we respect that.
  • If you request us to remove your details from our database and mailing lists, then we will do this immediately.
  • We have systems in place to make sure that no unauthorized people can access your personal data.

 We believe that our privacy policy is - and always has been - in line with the new regulations from the EU, and that we contact you in the belief that you wish to hear about our clients and their news.

If you wish to be removed from our database, please contact